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  • Goods Return Policy
    1. Any goods that needs to be returned / replaced due to partner mistakes must be made within (7) days from the date of received. Returned goods must be in good condition and if found rips or have defeats, it shall be considered as sold. Any cost involved (eg, courier charge) will be bear by partner. 
    2. 60SEC will borned the courier charges for goods that doesn't match with partners order requirement. We seek your kind cooperation to return the goods within (7) days of purchased.
    3. Exchange of similar returned goods is subject to stock availability. 
    4. Faulty goods that received by buyers/partners shall be report by taking photos and state the faulty reason to 60SEC at [email protected] within 3 days after the received of such goods. 


  • Delivery Policy

    Goods will be deliver within (7) working days upon purchased.


  • Partner's Ranking


    Profit Sharing 25%40%60%100%
    Promotion Criteria-Refer up to 5 new partner or RM 500 salesRefer up to 10 new partner or RM 3,000 sales Refer up to 20 new partner or RM 6,000 sales


     *60SEC reserve the right to amend above terms without prior notice


    Example 1: 

    Full Product's Profit: RM 20

    Partner's Ranking: Silver

    Partner entitled Profit before transaction cost: RM 20 * 40% = RM 8


    Example 2:

    Full Product's Profit: RM 20

    Partner's Ranking: Platinum

    Partner entitled Profit before transaction cost: RM 20 * 100% = RM 20



    1. Promotion Criteria will be in accumulated basis.

    2. Partner criteria will be updates on every 15th and 30th of the month.

    3. Only referral with valid information registered is acceptable.

    4. Referrer email address is required when new partner is signing up.


  • Profit Payment Period

    1. Profit after transaction cost will be summaries and paid on every 15th and 30th of the month.

    2. Payment will be carry forward for partner with insufficient banking details


  • How to Select Products

    Go to Products > Global Product > Sell Products > Tick all products > Save Variances


    You can find your store under "View Your Profile" button at top right of your page.


  • How to Share

    There are two (2) method to share your store:-

    1. Go to "View Your Profile" and Copy URL Address / link 
    2. Go to "View Your Profile" > "Enter Product Page" > "Click Share buttons"